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Ready Readers CD


The Ready Readers CD contains more than 60 reproducible readers from my website (and more) that are illustrated with the artwork from and Each reader comes with a pocket chart activity that is ready to print, laminate and use for differentiated instruction. Reader topics include friends, families, school days, critters, holidays and more! All buyers will receive additional readers and packets as they become available in the future. A homework packet for the readers will be sent at a later date as a complimentary supplement.

Ready Readers CD
Price: $24.95





Alphabet Readers Books about Colors


Critter Books Family and Friends


1st Grade HFW

German Readers




Houghton Mifflin 1st Grade


Mother Goose Readers

Norwegian Readers


Reading Fluency


Reading Prompts

Use during guided reading. Keep this list handy to use with 1-to-1 reading or with a guided reading group. This facilitates the growth of self-monitoring and ownership of the self-correction process.  


Reading Research

This page answers the question as to what reading research and references I have used to inform my teaching and my website. 


Reading Racers






SF My Sidewalks
Intervention A & B


SF Kindergarten


SF 1st Grade 


SF 2nd Grade


SF 3rd Grade


Spanish Readers
Teacher Towne    



Things to See and Do


Tiger Reading Club

This is part of the handout that I used when training parent volunteers who came in to listen to children read. It has prompts called Tiger Talk and a lesson plan format. The word Tiger stands for Teaching Independence: Guiding Early Readers. The parent letter will need to modified (dates, school name, etc.).


Word Family Readers

Go to
for 150 word family readers
or email me at for specific needs.

McGraw-Hill Wonders
1st Grade

Mc-Graw Hill Wonders
2nd Grade



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